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Supporting manufacturers who are making our home product in better ways may not make any difference.  But, then again, it might.  And if it does, wouldn't it make sense to create a national brand of green home retail?


We think it would. For two reasons. First, you would have an easier time finding green home products. Second, it would provide the visibility those green product makers need to not only just survive, but to thrive.


That pretty much sums up the mission of WorkingWonders™ We have dubbed this proposed brand of physical green department store locations "Greeningdales™".


While we haven't counted how many people have said they want this brand to exist, it's been a lot of people over the past 10 years we've been in business.  And if we had a few bucks for every one of them we probably would have already built the first, the flagship Greeningdales™ location.


When you buy from WorkingWonders™ online or in our pop-up shop you are supporting the mission of a national brand of green home retail. Even though that doesn't exist (yet) we presently carry thousands of products – enough green home products to fill up the space of an Ikea store! Obviously, our website does not show every product the brands we carry make. But, if it is currently being made we can get it for you.


WorkingWonders™ adheres to the lowest pricing allowed by our brands (MAP as opposed to MSRP) And when someone contacts us(and we love to talk with people about green home products), we sometimes are even able to pass along a special that one of our makers is running.


WorkingWonders™ is your opportunity to find lots of green product lines that will support your healthy sustainable home at the best prices. It is also an opportunity to support the efforts of green companies who have taken the time and often incurred considerable expenses figuring out how to make our things in better ways.


WorkingWonders is proud to work with makers of the top green home products. You can see some of the brands we offer at WorkingWonders™ in the graphic on this page. Whether your project requires zero-VOC carpet, organic linens, and bedding, or made in the USA air purifiers, we look to provide you with the products and services to suit you best.

Upcoming Specials


What's on Your Wish List? Call or Email – we will add you to our list of people who would like to be called if something on their list is going on sale.

Feel free to call us to find out if we have any unlisted product line specials coming up. We always offer MAP (the lowest price that is approved by the manufacturer) Some of our product manufacturers run specials during the year. They give us the choice of passing those time-limited discounted prices on to you – which we are happy to do.

COYUCHI is going to have a 20% OFF Special on a large number of their products! Call for exact dates: 443.834.4792

Brands and specials

Check back soon. New products are being added daily.