Woven Broken Pearl Bowl

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Better Production Practices
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Reduces Waste
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Details & Vision, Stitch by Stitch:


Shape, color, and sustainability—each one helps to form a work of art that not only finds a new and dynamic purpose for post-consumer textiles, but also finds valuable work for refugees living here in the United States.

The Broken Pearl vessel carries a lovely wave around its edge, captured in light, sandy tones that blend with contemporary and traditional design alike. In this sense, there's no substitute for handmade quality—something different that the materials that go into your average decorative artifact.

Display and use this fantastic piece in your home, or gift it to someone you love. Either way, you'll also receive the good feeling of having helped a forward-thinking studio, supporting greener small industry, and the hands that make it possible.

Fiberactive Organics provides work to refugee women from Vietnam, working in the state of North Carolina—all items are made in the United States.

Table linens are made with organic cotton. Other items, such as vessels and mats, are made with post-consumer, re-purposed materials.


Medium: 4" height, 9" diameter

Large: 5.5" height, 11" diameter

Materials: Made from re-purposed, post-consumer textiles fashioned into pliable cord and stitched in a spiral form into a rigid vessel.

Note: As all items are handmade, variation in dimensions is apparent; we try to represent them as accurately as possible, based on items here in our showroom.

Shipping is calculated for each order by our flat rate table. For more information, please see our FAQ page.

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