SQUARO Wastepaper Basket 65151

Better Production Practices
This company reduces the impact of production by using recycled/recyclable, non-hazardous materials, and/or reducing or eliminating solid, liquid or gaseous waste, and/or reducing or eliminating worker exposure to hazardous materials.
Conserves Natural Resources
This product uses recycled, rapidly renewable, or certified sustainable materials, and/or reduces material usage overall, and/or increasing product durability and lifespan.
Reduces Waste
This product contains a large proportion of recycled and/or bio-based material which reduces or eliminates hazardous gaseous, liquid or solid waste.

Great Design in Unexpected Places:

Leave it to German engineering to create a wastepaper basket that makes you actually want a wastepaper basket. These geometrically stamped stainless steel waste containers are striking—really attention-grabbing in their own right. At 15 inches in height, the Squaro wastebin stows away wherever, but it's so interesting that you'll probably want to give it a place of prominence in your home office.

Building a wastebin out of stainless steel not only provides the opportunity to work some decorative design magic into an otherwise mundane artifact, it also helps to clean up our consumption cycle. A typical plastic wastebin involves petro-chemicals in its manufacture process, and after a while it degrades, releasing those chemicals back into its environment. Stainless steel obviates this cycle of chemicals in and chemicals out all along the producer and consumer chain.

Plus, there's value to owning a trendy-cool wastebin. When you don't have an attachment to your belongings, it's easier to get rid of them. No one minds tossing a tired wastebin for a new one, yet, this practice only increases the amount of plastic piling up in our landfills. To the contrary, building products with a wow-factor helps ensures that they'll continue to live and work long after their conventional counterparts have hit the junk pile. It's a better manufacturing practice, and a better way to think about the things we buy.

Discovering the Blomus aesthetic of Pure Life opens up a world of refinement without sacrificing economy. Blomus style is clean and modern, with high quality built into every item through extensive use of stainless steel and glass. For any use in any room, you've just found a viable way to bring functional, sophisticated design into your home.

Designer: stotz-design, Wuppertal, Germany

Materials: 18/8 gauge matte stainless steel, plastic insert

Dimensions: 14.8" height (37.5 cm), 9.8" diameter (25 cm)

Manufacturer Location: This product is made in Germany.

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