Square Stainless Steel Ventless Fireplace, Hearth Cabinet

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Perfect Proportions for the Perfect Fireplace:


When we talk about the dangers of wood burning fireplaces, we can't help but feel nostalgic for the experience of a real fire. Enter Hearth Cabinet Ventless Fireplaces, combining every health and environmental benefit of a ventless fireplace with the classic experience you expect from a built-in hearth.

These innovative units produce crackling golden flames in fully assembled stainless steel fireboxes, yet emit no harmful gases or smoke. They also offer unprecedented safety features designed to prevent accidental human or pet access to the flame with a locking steel screen that defaults to the closed position, and a secure fuel cartridge holder that will not tip over or shift.

Hearth Cabinet fireplaces can be installed anywhere, and are the first and only ventless fireplace to be approved for residential use by the NYC Fire Department and NYC Department of Buildings. Safety is top notch, while the classic, full flame fire experience is easily and instantly on tap.

Clean gel cartridges emit no toxic chemicals and create no smoke. They self-extinguish when finished burning, and can be snuffed out while burning is in progress if desired.

We recommend calling to discuss your design requirements so our experts can help build you the perfect fireplace.

Hearth Cabinet Ventless Fireplace units are made in New York City, and are the first of their kind to be approved for residential use by the NYC Fire Department and the NYC Department of Buildings.

Hearth Cabinet Ventless Fireplaces are guaranteed free of factory defects for one (1) year.



Standard Dimensions:

31½" width, 11½" depth, 27½" height

Materials: stainless steel

Fuel Details:

• uses renewable resource gel fuel cartridge

• burn time: 2 hours

• metal cartridge is recyclable after use

• requires no vent and produces no harmful smoke emissions

• real flame is golden yellow and crackles like a wood burning fire

Safety Features:

• safety screen is top hinged and defaults to the closed position to prevent children or pets from accidentally reaching the flame, and is lockable for added safety

• snuffer plate to extinguish flame when desired

• cartridge holder is stainless steel and cannot tip over

• fire cabinets offer modular design, come fully assembled, and are insulated with industrial grade mineral wood

Hearth Cabinet Ventless Fireplace is approved by the New York City Fire Department and New York City Department of Buildings for use in co-ops and condominiums, making it the first indoor fireplace option of its kind available for residential application

• fuel cartridges are a mix of isopropyl alcohol, water, and thickeners designed to burn with no harmful chemical output, (zero-VOC emissions)

Made in New York City, U.S.A.


• curved or angled stainless steel interior backing

• individual stacking logs

• stainless steel, river stone, or glass chips holders, (choice of eight different glass chip options)

• available with single or double cartridge holder

Hearth Cabinet Fireplaces are best installed as custom pieces, although standard installations are often adequate. Please call to discuss your design requirement, and we'll provide accurate information on the best product for your project, as well as what you can expect for delivery times and shipping costs.

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