Nito Screen Room Divider

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Elegant, Natural Room Dividers:


Eangee's three-section room divider uses a natural, renewable twine known as the nito vine. Nito vines are a member of the fern family and grow rapidly in tropical climates, wrapping around trees and rocks alike. The vine can be fatal to trees if left unchecked, so harvesting can promote healthy forests. Instead of burning of discarding the vine, Eangee uses it to create intricate patterns across its natural base shade material.

These screens are woven to mimick the natural growth of the vine, and require little to no maintenance in order to remain beautiful in your home.

Eangee recommends using a dry cloth or duster to keep clean, and to avoid placing the screen in direct sunlight.

Eangee supports comprehensive fair trade practices that include following up with the artisans who make these products to ensure they receive decent wages, education, health care, and good housing.

Eangee supports sustainable materials in every product, including hand-treated cocoa leaves, abaca rope, nito vine, durian fruit fiber, and found wood.

Dimensions: 53" tall, 69" wide, expandable in three sections, 1" frame


steel frame & nito vine on wire mesh, handmade

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