Lap Log Tablet E-Reader Pillow in Solid Colors

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The Ultimate Adaptive iPad® Pillow and e-Reader Stand:

The folks at Bamboosa worked out a beautiful, sustainable way to make using an iPad&#174, e-Reader, or any other tablet device fashionable and environmentally friendly. The Lap Log is made from 100% organic cotton twill and filled with natural buckwheat hulls. Not only does the pillow shift in support of the tablet—conforming to either flat or uneven surfaces, providing screen visibility at virtually any viewing angle—but as it does the buckwheat hulls move air inside the soft cotton surface, allowing for a breathable, temperature regulating platform.

Further, this certified organic cotton stand comes in 100% recycled packaging, and is proudly made in the U.S.A. Even the wooden holder for the reader is a piece of local, re-purposed wood, hand-sanded and stained with a natural, non-toxic finish. You simply cannot find an iPad® accessory in your local store with this level of conscientious design and total natural material composition.

Note: Tablet device not included.

Bamboosa is made by American workers in Andrews, South Carolina.


10 ½ inch length, 4 ½ inch width

Weight: approximately 1 lb.


• GOTS certified 100% organic cotton twill cover (Global Organic Textile Standard)

• Natural Buckwheat Hull Filling

• Removable wooden stand insert, re-purposed locally sourced wood, hand-sanded and finished with a natural, non-toxic stain

Care Instructions:

This iPad® pillow is washable. Remove the cover by opening the hidden zipper, reserve the natural buckwheat hulls, and wash gently with a clean, natural detergent and moderate heat.

Ships in 100% recycled packaging.

Made by American workers in Andrews, South Carolina. Note: Tablet device not included.

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