Full Moon - Jute Oval and Round Rug in Four Sizes

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Introducing the WorkingWonders Natural Knots™ Rug Collection -Full Moon is the Perfect Round and Oval Rug for Your Home's High-Traffic Areas - from $93.00 4 ft, 6 ft, 8 ft, 6ft x 9ft oval

You get a great rug. And, as a further thank you for purchase, a tree is planted to pay it forward by replenishing our natural resources.


This best-selling, transitional jute rug brings a touch of elegance to so many areas in your home. It provides a great solution for underneath a dining table. It's also a smart option for a bedroom or conversation hub in a living and family rooms. 

The rug is hand woven and stitched by skilled village weavers who apply vintage weaving techniques to a classic design. And don't worry, this rug is as durable and hard wearing as it is gorgeous making it a great choice for the areas where your family gathers.

This rug is 100% jute fiber* and has been dyed a modern charcoal gray. It's available in multiple round sizes as well as an oval.


*Jute is an incredibly versatile and sustainable natural fiber that has been used around the globe for centuries to produce a seemingly endless array of products. Jute brings a magnificent, chunky texture to any space. Its fibers exhibit naturally anti-static, insulating and moisture regulating properties. Its long, soft and durable fibers are ideal for area rugs. Nicknamed the “Golden Fiber” for its beautiful luster, Jute fibers are characteristically long, soft and shiny and are among the strongest, most flexible vegetable fibers on the planet.

Jute is predominantly farmed by approximately four million small farmers in India and Bangladesh and supports hundreds of thousands of workers in jute manufacturing (from raw material to yarn and finished products).  


PRODUCT DETAILS: • Jute brings a magnificent, chunky texture to any space • Jute fibers exhibit naturally anti-static, insulating and moisture regulating properties • Pile: 100% jute • Height: 0.20 inches • Rug pad recommended • Vacuum regularly with suction only--a beater brush is not recommended • Blot liquid spills immediately by pressing a clean, undyed cloth into the spill to absorb as much as possible • For hard to remove stains professional rug cleaning is recommended • Made in India

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