Earth Weave Samples – Free Shipping (Plus – we credit back the samples cost back to you with your Earth Weave carpet and/or area rug(s) order!

Better Production Practices
This company reduces the impact of production by using recycled/recyclable, non-hazardous materials, and/or reducing or eliminating solid, liquid or gaseous waste, and/or reducing or eliminating worker exposure to hazardous materials.
Conserves Natural Resources
This product uses recycled, rapidly renewable, or certified sustainable materials, and/or reduces material usage overall, and/or increasing product durability and lifespan.
Improves Air Quality
This product uses natural or minimally processed, non-hazardous materials that do not release pollutants or ozone-depleting gases, and/or removes indoor pollutants, and/or blocks the introduction, development or spread of contaminants.
Manufacturing Location
The location where this product is extracted, processed and manufactured may make it eligible for being used in a project seeking USGBC LEED certification (as a nationally recognized green building or interior). Alternatively, it may represent a country or community which you would like to support.

Samples Info and Instructions

1. We will send 8 or fewer samples (samples are approx 4" x 4" each).

2. Call to Order and Pay OR Order Online* (*be sure to let us know which samples you would like in your order notes and specify whether you are interested in an area rug(s) or/and carpet.

In fact, WorkingWonders never actually takes an order for an area rug or wall to wall carpet until you have had the chance to see and feel the styles and colors you think you will like. Further, we suggest you look at the sample on the floor of the room or rooms you are interested in putting it in – at different times of the day and with natural and artificial light. And, if you have allergies or sensitivities to different substances we also recommend that you have the sample in your space enough to make sure you will be comfortable living with it.

We charge a flat rate of $10.00 for up to 8 Earth Weave samples (which are approximately 4" squares). We also include a sample of the natural rubber gripper pad if you are interested in an area rug and/or Enertia wool underlayment if you are looking for wool carpeting.

Samples ship for free. And, when you are ready to place your carpet or area rug order the $10.00 you paid for samples is credited back on your final invoice.

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