Decorative Floor Lamp by Eangee, Cocoa Leaf Wave Large Floor Lamp

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Incredible Artistry, Done Responsibly:

Even among this crowd, the Wave is a remarkable piece. With a shade comprised of cocoa leaves and a wrought iron frame accented in abaca twine, the materials are just as bold a source of lighted fascination as the undulating shape.

Like all of Eangee's lanterns, the Wave is entirely hand made from sustainable materials using fair trade practices, and is not only built to high standards, but looks incredibly beautiful.

The amazing lamp shade material is refined through a process of drying and fossilizing cocoa leaves that lasts more than four months and sees about 20% of the leaves survive the ordeal. Cocoa leaves are thoroughly dried throughout most of that period, then hand rubbed to remove the chlorophyll, leaving only the leaf's skeletal form. This form is stained with organic dye, carefully placed on a heat resistant backing, and then hand trimmed before receiving a coat of sealant to maintain integrity.

All of this beauty is attached to a powder-coated wrought iron frame bound with hand-stained bamboo legs, ensuring that the entire presentation remains rigid and stable as any formidable piece of furniture should.

Eangee supports comprehensive fair trade practices that include following up with the artisans who make these products to ensure they receive decent wages, education, health care, and good housing.

Eangee supports sustainable materials in every product, including hand-treated cocoa leaves, abaca rope, nito vine, durian fruit fiber, and found wood.

Dimensions: 13" width, 10" depth, 48" height (4 feet)


Shade: Fossilized Cocoa Leaves, Abaca Stitching

Frame: Wrought Iron, Powder-Coated

Wrap: Abaca Twine

Abaca is a rapid-growth tree used that has proven useful in various production roles, but without negatively impacting rainforest health through its harvesting.


2 bulbs LED A19 bulbs

Shade Colors:

• Green • Multi-Color • Natural

These products are made in the Philippines by artisans who are responsible for their original design and subsequent refinement. Every piece represents their own industrious creativity.

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