Coffee Fire Bio-Fuel Fireplace Coffee Table

Conserves Natural Resources
This product uses recycled, rapidly renewable, or certified sustainable materials, and/or reduces material usage overall, and/or increasing product durability and lifespan.
Improves Air Quality
This product uses natural or minimally processed, non-hazardous materials that do not release pollutants or ozone-depleting gases, and/or removes indoor pollutants, and/or blocks the introduction, development or spread of contaminants.
Reduces Waste
This product contains a large proportion of recycled and/or bio-based material which reduces or eliminates hazardous gaseous, liquid or solid waste.
Saves Energy and/or Water
This product reduces the energy and water required for a building’s functionality and the occupants’ needs.
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Functional Furniture with Inspirational Form:


Part coffee table and part fireplace, this sensational piece incorporates a Chantico bioethanol burner within a single-shelf table. The burner unit is counter-sunk within the base so the flame is level with the lower surface, while a circular cut-out in the upper surface to give the tempered glass shield and live flame tips a dynamic effect. It's a clever design, and one that will both excite and warm you and your guests for years to come.

Like all Planika fires, the bioethanol flame is free of harmful toxins common to wood-burning fireplaces, and requires no vent when used in an appropriately sized room. This makes introducing modern elegance to your home a double treat—a boon both for indoor air quality and striking ambiance.

Planika bio-fuel fireplaces are smoke-free and scent-free; they are independently tested by Omni Laboratories, Inc. of Portland, Oregon using UL standards, (Underwriters Laboratories).



55 1/8" (1400mm) length, 31 ½" (800mm) width, 17 5/16" (440mm) height

For use in rooms at least 14 meters sq.

Please see specification sheet for detailed dimensions.


Lacquered Furniture Board, Stainless Steel Burner Unit, Tempered Glass

Finishes:semi-matte dark oak, white

Net Weight:92.6 lbs.

Fuel Details:

• uses renewable bio-fuel

• burn time: 3-5 hours

• reservoir: .26 gallon (approximately 1 litre)

Safety Features:

• CE certified (European standards)

• Tested independently by UL standards, (Underwriters Laboratories), by Omni Laboratories, Inc. in Portland, Oregon

Standard Equipment:

• Lighter with Extended Tip

• Users Manual

• Decorative Stones

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