BRELLI Clear Original Umbrella

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An Umbrella Story:


The original BRELLI answers every question concerning fashion and sensibility—it's made from eco-smart materials (sustainable bamboo, organic cotton, and natural rubber), it looks fantastic and draws admiring glances whenever and wherever you travel, and it's 100% biodegradable thanks to BRELLI's special transparent plastic canopy.

The goal is two-fold: look good, and keep umbrellas from cluttering up our planet. A conventional umbrella isn't half as snazzy, yet poses a serious environmental threat with its composition of synthetic materials. BRELLI sustainable umbrellas solve the most pressing concerns about the way we clutter our planet, while at the same time providing exceptional protection throughout their lifespan. BRELLI blocks 99% UVA, UVB, and UVC rays, withstands winds up to 40 mph, and of course provides ample cover from the rain. How much is simply down to the size BRELLI you'd like, and for that you have a choice of up to five standard sizes, depending on the line.

BRELLI makes a super high-fashion statement about your social savvy. Every umbrella is 100% biodegradable, totally chic, and formidably defensive against the sun, rain, and wind. BRELLI are made by skilled artisans using fair-trade practices, currently undertaking the process to receive fair-trade certification.

The People Behind BRELLI:


With a background in fashion design and product development, Pamela Zonsius knows how to fit the pieces together to create something remarkable. The BRELLI idea is a perfect example, combining the beauty of traditional building techniques with some seriously cool materials technology. We're proud to partner with Pamela and applaud her uncompromising approach to style and sustainability. Better living requires us to take a second look at the simple parts of our everyday lives, and in this case the result is an astonishingly elegant re-design of the umbrella.


• Clear, 100% biodegradable transparent canopy
• Solid bamboo rib construction
• Natural rubber crown
• organic cotton


• Waterproof, (we might as well mention it)
• Blocks 99% UVA, UVB, UVC rays
• withstands winds up to 40 mph


Brief: 28" diameter, 14" height
Extra-Small: 35" diameter, 24" height
Small: 37" diameter, 25.5" height
Medium: 45" diameter, 29" height
Large: 52" diameter, 34" height

Medium and Large sizes feature high and low extension settings.

All BRELLIs come in an organic cotton carrying pouch.

BRELLI is handmade in Thailand using fair-trade practices. Umbrella components including handles and ribs are hand worked, not machine formed, enhancing the artisan quality of each piece. The innovative biodegradable plastic canopy is produced in the United States (Washington), where it was developed.

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