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Better Production Practices
This company reduces the impact of production by using recycled/recyclable, non-hazardous materials, and/or reducing or eliminating solid, liquid or gaseous waste, and/or reducing or eliminating worker exposure to hazardous materials.
Conserves Natural Resources
This product uses recycled, rapidly renewable, or certified sustainable materials, and/or reduces material usage overall, and/or increasing product durability and lifespan.
Improves Air Quality
This product uses natural or minimally processed, non-hazardous materials that do not release pollutants or ozone-depleting gases, and/or removes indoor pollutants, and/or blocks the introduction, development or spread of contaminants.
Reduces Waste
This product contains a large proportion of recycled and/or bio-based material which reduces or eliminates hazardous gaseous, liquid or solid waste.
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The Healthy Modern Kitchen Defined:


EcoUrban brings together veneer, lacquer, glass, stainless steel, and engineered concrete in a kitchen system designed to meet the expectations of today's fine culinary lifestyle. Beautiful materials meet the highest eco-friendly standards, satisfying a true need to uphold our responsibility to our environment, while also benefitting the American home by introducing no harmful toxic chemicals into your living space.

As the exclusive regional representation for EcoUrban, we welcome your call to begin the process of designing your custom kitchen. EcoUrban is a great choice not merely because it's healthfull and well crafted, but because it represents a tremendous value with options aimed at providing everyone the chance to have a clean, top-quality kitchen. Range options start with water-based lacquer over sustainable, low-VOC MDF frames made with recycled content and free of formaldehyde and PVC, up to full stainless steel frames and counters, sophisticated pigmented concrete, and rare options such as zinc, copper, and brass. Kitchens can be built for indoor or outdoor use, and both EcoUrban EcoSteel and FLOE engineered concrete have been extensively tested outside in Chicago.

EcoUrban provides all of the components to put together a high-end modern kitchen, all manufactured here in the United States in Chicago, Illinois. Manufacturing is streamlined to reduce environmental impact, and performance is exceptionally high quality as a result of the care fashioned by a company invested for more than twenty years in the finest materials. The end product is clean of line and equally clean of substance, offering a low to zero-VOC complement to your healthy home.

EcoUrban is made in Chicago, Illinois.


• NAUF MDF cabinet box (no added urea formaldehyde)

• core composite of eco-friendly cellulose based fiber, no added formaldehyde

• zero-VOC adhesives

• sustainably engineered zero-VOC veneer

• ABS edge banding

Green Benefits:

• Made with no PVC, formaldehyde-free, and low-to-zero VOC content.

• EcoVeneer combats deforestation by using innovative, high-end composites.

• Responsible, streamlined manufacturing practices reduce environmental impact at the factory level.

• Top-shelf quality of products ensures longevity.

• EcoUrban will create a LEED credit strategy to satisfy project sustainability targets.


EcoUrban kitchen systems share a cleanliness of line free of superfluous detail, optimized for a low-mass footprint to provide excellent performance without using excess resources or introducing harmful chemicals into your home. The following list of features can define your custom kitchen according to the function and feel you desire.

• EcoVeneer sustainable wood facing in traditional and exotic wood, matched patterns, in either horizontal or vertical arrangement.

• EcoChroma gloss or satin lacquer on 100% recycled substrate, available in 12 standard colors or matched to any custom color at request.

• 18 gauge type 304 stainless steel countertops available standard in either Classic #4 finish or Invisaprint fingerprint resistant finish.

• Proprietary hand-rubbed Sueded stainless steel finish available at request.

• Aluminum framed glass available with back-painted color or textured inserts.

• FLOE polymer modified cement countertops engineered for stain resistant, indoor or outdoor use, comprised of at least 80% recycled content by weight. Total weight is also reduced by 80% compared to conventional cast concrete, and a variety of rich colors is achieved through the use of iron oxide pigments.

• Non-ferrous countertop options of zinc, copper, or brass for ultra high-end applications.

• Top-shelf hardware including slow-close doors and drawers, and brushed stainless pulls.

This is a custom product that requires design consultation. Please call us at 866-569-0339 to get started.

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