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2012-05-23 The Next Woman Business Magazine
Interview as part of their ongoing Heroes Series
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2012-04-25, part of the Raymond V. Haysbert, Sr. Entrepreneurship Lecture Series
Alex. Brown Center for Entrepreneurship
CEO BethAnn Lederer will be speaking at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County along with Casey Willson, Retail Industry and Sustainability Programs Manager at the Lead Center of the Maryland Small Business Development Center Network, University of Maryland, College Park
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2012-04-20 Baltimore Jewish Times
A Wondrous Approach
We get the chance to talk about our showroom operation, destination concept, and what it means to be a green retailer.
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2012-01-31 Bmore Media, January 2012
WorkingWonders Wants to Become the Whole Foods of Home Goods
WorkingWonders receives a quick acknowledgment on our goals for transformative retail.
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2011-12-01, December 2011
Working Wonders
An interview with CEO BethAnn Lederer in the Green section, with some background on the origins of WorkingWonders.
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2011-11-30 The Beacon, November 2011
Entrepreneur focuses on the eco-friendly
CEO BethAnn Lederer receives a full page article in the Volunteers & Careers section, (pg. 21) outlining the origins and aspirations of Working Wonders, also available online.
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2011-05-27 Small Business Solutions
The Daily Record, Special Publication
The Daily Record has partnered with the Maryland Small Business Development Center (SBDC) again this year to publish a new magazine for small businesses. The two articles our CEO, BethAnn Lederer, provided interviews for are "Who's LOHAS? And What Does She Want" (pgs. 6, 7) and "New Businesses Cater to New Consumers" (pgs. 10,11).
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2010-06-14 Green and Save
The One Ingredient You Don't Want in Your Kitchen
If you're thinking about remodeling your kitchen, or are in the planning stages for a new home, take a look at this article about what makes a "green" kitchen.
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2010-01-26 Triple Pundit
And The Top Ten Most "Sustainable" CEOs Are...
, "one of the larger resources for green interior design material and products for the home and workplace," made the top ten list!
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2010-01-20 Triple Pundit
The Nominations Are In, Pick the TOP Sustainable CEOs
Our CEO, BethAnn Lederer, was among those nominated for the top ten sustainable CEOs.
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2009-12-16 Green and Save
Breathe Easier in Your Home this Winter
While on one hand it makes good sense to tighten up our homes, and save money, by making them more energy efficient, it's worth paying attention to how that effects the air we're breathing inside of them. This is especially true during the cold months of the year.
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2009-11-11 LadyLux
Eco Resource: Sustainable House Products by Working Wonders
LUXies, we’ve found an amazing site that has creatively and effectively put together a green reference guide for all of your home eco-shopping needs!
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2009-10-29 Green and Save
The Next Generation of Fireplaces: BioFuel
WorkingWonders CEO and founder, BethAnn Lederer, writes about the benefits of a bio-ethanol fueled fireplace over a traditional wood-burning one.
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2009-10-16 Interior Design Blog
Workingwonders: working for you
Penny Bonda, founding chair of the U.S. Green Building Council committee for LEED Commercial Interiors and the ASID Sustainable Design Council, has written a very positive review of the WorkingWonders website. Read it on her blog on the Interior Design website.
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2009-09-24 Green and Save
Indoor Air Quality: The Next (Invisible) Frontier In Our Quest for Sustainability
The numbers aren’t new. People spend 90 percent of their time indoors. A Toronto study by R.W. Bell indicates the level of contaminants inside of our buildings is at least two to five times higher than outside.
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2009-09-14 TreeHugger
Ethanol Fireplaces: Green Heat or Hot Air
Sami Grover wrote what we think is a thoughtful entry about ethanol fireplaces. From our perspective, every fireplace uses resources, and each have safety rules which need to be followed. Given that human beings are drawn to include the element of fire inside of their homes, ethanol seems to be the best choice for not compromising indoor air quality.
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2009-09-01 Tree Hugger
Recycled Plates with a Purpose
For the last days of summer eating outside--a plate with a purpose. And a tree for readers of this blog who like the theme. Plates With Purpose is a series of specially designed glassware that is made out of post-industrial, pre-consumer recycled glass. A portion of the profits from their sales goes to non-profit groups.
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2009-07-30 Chesapeake Home Magazine
Eco-Friendly Home Products
Jennifer K. Dansicker from Chesapeake Home Magazine blogs about her visit to the Working Wonders showroom.
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2008-12-01 Urbanite Magazine
Flame On
David Dudley spotlights bio-fuel fireplaces in The Goods. '“If you’ve got an empty wall,” promises workingwonders founder BethAnn Lederer, “in twenty minutes you can have a fireplace.
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Working Wonders
Working Wonders, located in Mt. Washington, MD, is an online haven for eco-friendly furniture and accessories of all kinds for home or office.
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2008-08-19 Press Release
workingwonders Makes it Easy to Adopt a Green Lifestyle
New eCommerce Website Offers Eco-Friendly Products
Document No Longer Available

2008-06-01 Architectural Digest
The World's Most Beautiful Fireplaces
We get a lot of inquiries from the Chesney's ads in Architectural Digest. Maybe this is where you've seen our name before!
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2008-03-01 Washingtonian Magazine
2008 Great Home Design
"Here are architects doing good work in Washington. Plus, look inside the houses of eight area architects—and find out where they shop."
This article within the Great Home Design package features a Chesney's mantel with "David Neumann: Red Linoleum in a Victorian?" by Gretchen Cook.
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2008-01-12 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Hot Finds, Cool Prices
Tracy Schneider reviews "What's hot this winter?" and includes workingwonders' best selling Chimo fireplace in a front page feature of must-haves.
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