Earth Weave Natural Wool Area Rugs and Carpet

Why WorkingWonders™ Likes Earth Weave Wool Carpet and Area Rugs


WorkingWonders has been an Earth Weave wool carpet and customer area rugs Authorized Dealer for over ten years. 

The top three reasons why we love Earth Weave.

First, it’s as pure and non-toxic as you can find. There isn't any chemical carpet smell. It is perfect for nurseries and playrooms, people with allergies or chemical sensitivities, and frankly anyone who wants luxurious natural carpet in their healthy home.

Second, it has all the benefits of a pure wool carpet or wool area rug. That includes being durable and cleanable, naturally fire resistant (with no chemicals), and naturally insulating. It also meets the USGBC LEED criteria so it is a great choice for certified green homes.

Finally, when compared to other brands of quality wool carpet, Earth Weave wool carpet and area rugs are pure luxury from the perspectives of beauty and softness but usually come in at a lower price point.

Earth Weave also produces wool padding and rug grippers exclusively from natural materials. Both the carpeting and area rugs are completely biodegradable at the end of their useful life.

What’s not in Earth Weave products? There are zero-VOCs, no insect repellants, no fungicides, no PBDE flame retardants, and no formaldehyde.

We have a sampling program where we ship samples directly to your home. We think it is important for you to see and feel the product before you make a purchase. To make sure it is right for you and your space. we recommend looking at the sample(s)  in different lighting over a couple of days in the space the carpet or rug will be.

Have more questions? You can get more information and contact BethAnn, our Earth Weave Carpet, and Area Rug Specialist, from HERE. (a page on our Greeningdales Project website (WorkingWonders' project, the Greeningdales Project is to build the first totally green home store in the U.S.).

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