Destination Scentsations Twin Pack Natural Palm Candles

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You Pick Two — Deliciously Scented Candles

We can't be happier working with By the Bay Botanicals, whose palm wax candles are remarkably clean and environmentally conscious, while at the same time beautifully crafted and wonderfully fragrant.

Choose two candles for yourself or for the friends and family on your gift list—one 12-ounce Weekender with a 40 hour burn-time, and one 27 ounce Vacation Getaway with an 80 hour burn-time—and then feel good about all the warm fuzzies melted into these aromatic wonders.

Concerns About Palm Wax? The wax used in these candles is sourced from Malaysia, the global leader in sustainable palm harvesting with strong government-backed programs to prevent deforestation and conserve wildlife. For more information, visit either the Malaysian Palm Oil Council, or visit American Palm Oil for a history of how Malaysia converted existing agricultural properties for palm use.

Destination Scentsation candles are made in Reisterstown, Maryland by a great studio called, By the Bay Botanicals, owned by Michelle Sholund.

Please note: We try to stay up-to-date with our available scents, so check back now and then to see what's new.

All the Destinations:

Alaska Aurora Night Sky: New Fragrance

Amish Country: The scent of home—cinnamon rolls—it's relaxing and warm on the nose with ample cinnamon spread across subtle, woody tones.

Annapolis Sail Away: A pleasantly deep candle with a clean aroma that you might actually take for sea-spray in a jar.

Baltimore Berry Blush: A strong, sweet infusion of berry that plays heavily on the fragrance of nectar.

Cape Cod Coastal Escape: New Fragrance

Carolina Clean Sheets: Truly clean and bright, with a breezy, crisp scent that has a hint of seaside in it—a wonderfully refreshing candle.

Charleston Carnation Blossom: Inspired by the lush gardens and Victorian charm of this popular southern belle, this is a clean, light scent perfect for the summer.

Chesapeake Bay Mist: A blend of floral notes that's noticeably cool on the nose.

Colorado Crisp Mountain Air: New Fragrance

Columbus Country Cranberry: Derived from the diverse blend of influences that defines central Ohio, this classic variety takes a new twist on a warm scent, adding notes of spice and a touch of frost—clear and pleasant in any season.

Cumberland Christmas Tree: A simple, wintry fragrance of Christmas in the country familiar to anyone whose hometown is a bit smaller than most.

Georgia Fresh Picked Peaches: Strong, lively fruit fragrance of fresh peaches.

Hershey Hot Cocoa: Absolutely rich, but with enough dryness to really capture the depth of cocoa on the stovetop.

Key West Key Lime Pie: Up front with tangy citrus, but containing the rest of sweet, baked-in dessert for a bit of unexpected depth.

Louisville Victorian Lilac: Named for Louisville's Victorian district, scented to evoke the luscious fragrance of these spring blossoms.

Lucky Pear of Dice: New Fragrance

Maine Blueberry Pie: Intense, bursting blueberry with a full, juicy effect that's absolutely mouth-watering.

Maui Pineapple Plantation: Into sweet? Pineapples galore fills out this ultra yellow candle, along with a hint of coconut.

Michigan Melon and Apricot: Blended in support of the budding farm-to-table wave finding strength in the Great Lakes region, this scent is a fresh appetizer in candle form, made to be fresh as ripe produce at a farmers market.

Minnesota Northlands: A strong pine-scented candle that bottles up a woodsy experience.

Napa Valley Merlot: A bold, sweet blend of deep grape fragrance with spicy red wine notes.

New England Lighthouse: A softer, beach house candle, ocean-scented with pleasant undertones.

New York Apple Orchard: Yes, it does smell like an orchard—not apple scent, but the actual biting, floral crispness of apple trees.

North Pole Peppermint Kiss: Definitely a frosty scent, (if scents can indeed hold a temperature), with a rich, creamy vanilla note on top of natural peppermint.

North Shore Surfer's Paradise: Fresh hints of sea spray mix with subtle floral notes to create a gentle summer scent.

Ocean City Boardwalk Memories: A best seller, creamy coconut mingles with bright, breezy notes with subtle, sweet hints for a curiously nostalgic blend.

Palm Island Pure Paradise: Unscented and dye-free, these candles are pure and clean, perfect for those who wish to use a candle with absolute zero impact on the environment. Great for spas, massage professionals, or weddings.

Palm Springs Pear Berry Oasis: Blended to evoke the laid back atmosphere of southern California, this tranquil scent mixes pears, raspberries, and a hint of strawberry for a dazzling remedy to everyday stress.

Pennsylvania Frosted Pine Cone: New Fragrance

Plymouth Rock Pumpkin Spice: Yes, there's the traditional canon of cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger spices, but mixed wonderfully into the background to let the deep fragrance of pumpkin pie warmth come to the front, even bewitching the nose with a hint of flaky crust.

Shenandoah Snickerdoodle: New Fragrance

St. Michaels Fresh Strawberry: Big fruit fragrance from a sweet summery candle.

Tahiti Tropical Waterfall: Escapism in a jar—nice and with great balance, this scent is a bit leafy, a bit lush, and a little bit cool as well, giving a pleasant, airy sensation.

Tombstone Sasparilla Sharp Shooter: A fun candle with a delicious scent, this satisfying aroma is practically effervescent, with true notes of birch beer goodness.

Vermont Maple Syrup: Sweet, wholesome, and spot on, including an unexpected dollop of buttery pancake warmth.

Virginia Vanilla Spice: Blended to give vanilla lovers their full indulgence, with a touch of nutmeg for a warm home feeling of uncommon balance—quite nice.

Waikiki Tiki Teakwood: A wonderful scent with rich undertones best described as exotic—very fine, very relaxing, and very deep.

Waimea White Gardenia: A delightfully botanical scent light enough for springtime, yet, enduring for those long summer days.

Williamsburg Wisteria: The floral scent of a favorite icon of prolific spring.

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