AGUO 3 Litre Watering Can 65208

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Updating a Garden Classic:

Watering cans don't often get a modern make-over. But, in the interest of a stainless steel pitcher that is sure to last an incredibly long time, it's best to be sure that it looks good for that entire duration. The Aguo watering can's pure lines, arching handle, long spout, and 3-litre capacity combine to form a presentation nearly as beautiful as the plants it's designed to nurture.

Discovering the Blomus aesthetic of Pure Life opens up a world of refinement without sacrificing economy. Blomus style is clean and modern, with high quality built into every item through extensive use of stainless steel and glass. For any use in any room, you've just found a viable way to bring functional, sophisticated design into your home.

Designer: stotz-design, Wuppertal, Germany

Materials: 18/8 gauge matte stainless steel

Dimensions: 11.8" height (30 cm), 17.7" length (45 cm), 6.3" diameter can (16 cm)

Capacity: 3 litres, or slightly more than ¾ gallon

Manufacturer Location: This product is made in China.

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