Acai Rope Necklace

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Simple Beaded Necklaces in Many Colors — The Acai Rope:


A long string of colorful acai beads, this piece can be worn in a variety of ways, displaying simple flexibility and handmade style. At 75 inches, (more than 6 feet), there's enough to capture the creative spirit in anyone, in just the right color to match your style. From subtle to striking, the natural variations in each piece holds interest and shows a measure of conscious community support uncommon to the fashion accessory world.

Each acai bead varies slightly, but remains uniform in size and hue, creating a pearlescent effect particularly in the more neutral colors.

Harvesting seeds for jewelry has occurred in the tropical regions of South America for centuries. In an effort to maximize the benefit to local artisans, Andean Collection provides a global market that affords them a living wage, education opportunities for their children, and further employment opportunities to others in their communities. Many of the artisans described here oversee their own workshops and maintain independent shops. Their beautiful, natural jewelry also presents a sustainable alternative to logging, preserving the rain forests on which they depend.


Acai beads, hand-buffed and colored with non-toxic dye. This necklace is 75 inches of natural beads, and can be worn in a variety of ways.


aqua, berry, bluebird, ivory, salmon, soft gray, periwinkle, ultraviolet

Artisan Information:

Made in Ecuador by Nancy and Carlos.
From Andean Collection: Nancy loves creating jewelry and organizing the workshop. In addition to working with Andean Collection, she manages her own storefront in Otavalo. With the support of Andean Collection’s training program, Carlos finished the Ecuadorian artisan qualification course in 2011, which teaches artisans how to manage and leverage their business, as well as providing them with special benefits such as lower taxes. Andean Collection provides all of Nancy and Carlos’ school aged children with educational scholarships.

Acai Information:

Apart from the popularity of acai fruit, back home in Ecuador the leaves of the acai palm are used for woven crafts such as hats and baskets. The seeds, meanwhile, make for beautiful, consistent beads with a smooth, sometimes wood-like appearance.

Pambil Information:

The Pambil palm is a canopy tree topping 100 feet tall and is central to Peruvian and Ecuadorian people, who use the wood for houses and the broad leaves for thatching. The seeds of the palm fruit are used to make the small beads used in this jewelry.

Care Instructions:

As these pieces are made from natural materials, avoid contact with water.

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