Natural Carpet & Rugs

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Improve Indoor Air Quality with Clean Carpet

workingwonders brings you a wide selection of the best carpet weavers on the planet, who also happen to be the best carpet weavers for the planet. We specialize in 100% natural carpets, custom and wall-to-wall fittings, recycled content carpets, and high luxury carpet brands made in the U.S.A. and made abroad through fair-trade practices. Whether they work in all-natural fibers or use synthetic nylon, all of our suppliers produce very low to zero VOC carpets, including adhesives and backings. This ensures the cleanest possible floor covering—immensely beautiful, environmentally friendly, and safe for you and your family.

100% Wool Carpet from Earth Weave, Wool and Silk Carpet from Garuda, Exotic and Luxurious Carpet from Classic Rug CollectionEco Finishes offers both recycled content carpet and natural wool carpet

The Beauty and Feel of Clean, Natural Carpet

We've come a long way since those early chemical-ridden carpeting products. At workingwonders, we partner with suppliers of sustainable carpeting products, and with experienced installers of these products. This is important because the last thing you want is someone in your home or office installing environmentally friendly carpeting in an environmentally un-friendly way!

Our carpet tour begins with Eco Finishes, offering wool carpeting at entry level price points. Eco Finishes is a great option for affordable color carpets, uses at least 25% recycled content, and also offers a wide selection of hard flooring options including wood, bamboo, and cork.

Among our favorites, Earth Weave Carpet Mills, located in Georgia, offers the finest in 100% natural wool carpeting, with no dyes, no bleach, and no synthetic materials for the absolute cleanest possible floor covering. Hemp, cotton, and jute form the primary and backing, while natural rubber padding can be added underneath. These carpets are extraordinary—luxurious, yes, but also a perfect option for people who suffer from allergies or chemical sensitivities.

100% wool and silk carpeting from Garuda and Earth Weave, 100% recycled nylon carpet from Tandus

For all-natural exotic fibers with grand color and impact, Classic Rug Collection offers a broad selection ranging from 100% wool, wool and silk blends, hemp, and other materials, with production sourced in the United States and in fair-trade communities throughout the globe. When you want something truly special for your home, with a strong sense of elegance, Classic Rug Collection is a formidable option.

Fair-trade weavers don't get much better than Garuda. These amazing Tibetan carpets and rugs are made from 100% natural wool and silk with vibrant 100% vegetable dyes. The look and feel is incomparable, and as with all of our suppliers, floor coverings can be customized as you like.

Contractor and trade professionals looking for an ecological choice should take note of Tandus. Our line of Tandus C & A nylon carpeting is remarkable because it's a 100% closed-loop recycled product. Tandus is committed to keeping carpet out of our landfills, and offers a broad selection of choices to suit higher education, hospitality, and corporate projects. Very low to zero VOC materials complete the backing, maintaining the all-important theme of clean, healthy carpet, along with a breadth of color and prints to satisfy aesthetic taste. In fact, Tandus is what we've got here in our office and showroom.

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Swatch Guide: A Few Fine Examples

A: Earth Weave Carpet Mills "Dolomite" 30 oz., Snowfield natural white, hemp/cotton primary, USA
B: Classic Rug Collection "Helix" 100% hemp, 80 knot (5mm), Nepal
C: Classic Rug Collection "Wild Flowers" 75% wool 25% silk, 150 knot (4mm), Nepal
D: Classic Rug Collection "Amoeba" 100% Tibetan wool, 80 knot (8mm), Nepal
E: Classic Rug Collection Plaid 100% banana silk, 80 knot (6mm), Nepal
F: Eco Finishes "Giza" 100% recycled synthetic carpet, shown in Moonbeam
G: Garuda International brown silk squares on red wool, 100% vegetable dyed, Tibet