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Low VOC Products Improve Air Quality

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Natural home & lifestyle products uphold the standard of healthy living you expect in the 21st century. The carpet beneath your feet, the cabinetry and furniture you use to cook and eat, and the mattress you sleep on each night are all potential sources of VOCs (volatile organic compounds), potentially hazardous chemicals that, over time, can have detrimental effects on your health.

We make sure the products we offer are low-to-no VOC, with a concentration on natural and organic carpets and flooring, VOC-free modern kitchens, natural FSC certified furniture with no synthetic finishes, and a host of healthy, clean accessories for you and your family.

We encourage a visit to see all of these healthy, earth-best home furnishings for yourself, and would be happy to demonstrate our bio-ethanol fireplaces. Call us at 410-828-0113 ext. 302. See our showroom page for directions and more information about upcoming events.

workingwonders is an exclusive source in the Baltimore-D.C. region for many of the modern design products we carry, and we specialize in custom specifications for residential and contract projects.

In many ways, Indoor Air Quality is the umbrella issue of home & lifestyle sustainability. Every aspect of creating a clean and healthy home has a direct effect on air quality, which is why we go to such great lengths to ensure the products we carry are made responsibly without the use of harmful chemicals and unnecessary synthetics. We invite you to experience the difference.

improve indoor air quality with natural VOC free products and furnishings


Healthy Homes Begin with Good Indoor Air Quality

workingwonders helps establish and maintain a high standard of clean living by offering a broad selection of all-natural furnishings and housewares, plus the very best in air purifiers and modern bio-fuel fireplaces.

IQ Air Purifiers and Austin Air Cleaners available through WorkingWonders

We offer some of the most advanced portable air purifiers available, including American made Austin Air Cleaners. These units are fit for anyone who suffers from seasonal or pet allergies, has a sensitive respiratory condition, or needs a clean and clear sleep environment for a better night’s rest. Portable air purifiers can target specific causes of poor air quality, such as mold or chemical pollutants, while clearing the air of unsavory odors, dust, pollen, and bacteria.

For ambiance and mood-altering warmth, we’re big proponents of bio ethanol fireplaces. Unlike traditional wood burning hearths, a bio fuel fireplace produces zero carcinogenic substances with no soot and no residue of any kind. Instead, water vapor and a nominal amount of CO2—about equal to that produced by a human being—are all these units emit. Robust safety credentials, portable indoor/outdoor versatility, a wide array of modern designs, and simple inserts to transform traditional hearths make nearly any configuration possible.

Ways to improve Indoor Air Quality by product include:

• Advanced Portable Air Cleaners for comprehensive protection against allergens and harmful pollutants, broken down by specific roles to match your way of life.

Bio-Fuel Fireplaces, smoke-free and residue free, providing hours of clean-burning warmth with zero potential health risks due to carcinogenic smoke inhalation.

Clean Carpeting made from organic materials, free of harmful synthetic adhesives, backings, and dyes, with nothing but luxurious, natural fiber between your feet and the floor.

Better Bedding and Mattresses, with substantial decreases in synthetic materials and outright substitution of deodorants for natural fresheners, and covered in organic cotton and natural fabrics, posing little to no risk of potential off-gassing of harmful organisms into your home.